Visit Araku Valley for a Chance to Make Lifelong Memories

Visit Araku Valley for a Chance to Make Lifelong Memories

Araku Valley

The Andhra Pradesh state in southeast India contains the hill town and valley region known as Araku Valley. It is encircled by the Eastern Ghats mountain range’s dense forests. The several indigenous tribes of the region, famous for their distinctive Dhimsa dance, are honored in the Tribal Museum, which also features examples of their handicrafts.

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A hill station called Araku Valley has developed into a popular tourist destination. This location is about 120 kilometers from Vishakhapatnam in the Andhra Pradesh district of Vishakhapatnam. Vishakhapatnam is reachable by both train and air from many regions of the nation. It is feasible to get from Vishakhapatnam to Araku via train or by car. Visitors can also enjoy the dense forests and coffee plantations in the Ananthagiri Hills. It’s wonderful to travel through the Borra caves. To fully appreciate the beauty of nature, trekkers frequently favor hiking.


The Araku valley spans about 36 kilometres. Visitors are greeted with the lengthy, winding tunnels. The Araku Valley is home to tribal people. The picturesque tourist attractions offer a peek of the tribal traditions practiced in the Eastern Ghats. The handmade objects that are for sale are shown in the Araku Tribal Museum, which draws visitors. Visitors praise their journey through the Anantagiri Hills, where coffee plantations and waterfalls are situated. This location has some of the highest broad gauge railways in the entire globe.

Things to Do:

The presence of a sea beach next to the Araku Valley is guaranteed by the special location of the Bheemunipatnam Beach near by. For the guests, a toast is appropriate given the dual enjoyment. The Borra caves, which were first found in 1807, are the primary tourist attraction. It’s a beautiful sight to see where the river Gosthani begins. For those who like to camp while visiting Araku Valley, Tyda Park provides the necessary accommodations. The only people that visit this unusual location are tourists who adore nature. Upper-class people can live in opulent tree-top homes at the Padmapuram Gardens. A ride on the toy train is another option available to visitors.

How to Visit: 

To go from Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley, you either rent a car or make a taxi reservation. You may travel there in 3 hours by taking the train from Visakhapatnam to Araku Station.

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