Kolkata- Famous for Colonial Architecture, Art Galleries, and Cultural Events

Kolkata- Famous for Colonial Architecture, Art Galleries, and Cultural Events

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Calcutta was founded in 1686 as a result of the British Raj’s expansionist intentions. Kolkata replaced Calcutta as the city’s legal name in 2001.
There are many historical sites in Kolkata, including the Writer’s Building, Victoria Memorial, Fort William, Belur Math, and Marble Palace.
The magnificent structures from the colonial era in Kolkata are evidence of the social, political, and cultural diversity of India’s City of Joy.
Kolkata has the impression of being the most cultural city in India for some reason.

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Kolkata is the capital of India’s state West Bengal(formerly Calcutta). It was India’s capital during the British Raj from 1773 to 1911. It was initially established as an East India Company commercial center. Famous for its architecture, art galleries, & cultural events. Mother House, the administrative center of the Missionaries of Charity, founded by Mother Teresa, whose grave is nearby, is also located there.

History of Calcutta

The Indian city of Calcutta is well recognized for its severe poverty issue. Even while this is the case, the location offers much more.

Since Calcutta was built as a colonial metropolis under British rule, the vast bulk of its structures is between one and two hundred years old. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much maintenance done in the city. Truthfully, most of the property seems to be crumbling.

The Bengali residents of the area successfully campaigned to rename Calcutta to Kolkata in order to reject the British designation. There you go. The shift hasn’t exactly been embraced with enthusiasm.

People are in abundance in Kolkata. There may be up to twice as many people as the city was intended to accommodate. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of these individuals endures extreme poverty. The degree of poverty that you have read about from Mother Teresa’s work and seen in movies is very real. It’s terrible. If you ever feel down about where you are in life, just look into it or go to Calcutta. You’ll discover that you have nothing to be unhappy about.

From the viewpoint of a traveler, Calcutta is either a location that must be visited or avoided at all costs. If you can handle the widespread poverty, the city boasts a surprisingly vibrant art scene. On the menu are art galleries, untamed paintings, and traditional Indian music. Huge celebrations like Durga Puja must be experienced to be believed.

Best Time To Visit Kolkata:

If you decide to visit Kolkata, avoid visiting there in the months of June, July, or August. Although it is the coldest time of the year, monsoon season is also at this time. Kolkata and drenching rain don’t go well together.

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How to Reach Kolkata:

On a train, Kolkata is well connected to cities across the nation by an effective rail system. Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express, two extremely fast trains, connect Delhi and adjacent locations with Kolkata. In the city, there are two significant train stations: one is in Howrah and the other is in Sealdah.


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