5 Best Free Parks in Bhubaneswar

5 Best Free Parks in Bhubaneswar

i.g. park bhubaneswar

If you are looking for the best free parks in Bhubaneswar to spend your quality time. Find here 5 most beautiful parks in Bhubaneswar with free entry fees.

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I.G. PARK BBSR is a sizable, tranquil park with trimmed lawns, strolling walkways, blooming flowers, and a sculptured memorial. It covered a park area of 10.6 acres. There are several amenities and attractions in the park, including many rose gardens. During the evening and early morning hours of jogging within the precincts, people may frequently be seen strolling and relaxing throughout the park. This park is home to several Kala Jamun trees, wild date palms, and sandalwood trees. There is a separate parking lot for cars in the park.

Madhusudan Das Park

In the centre of the energetic city of Bhubaneswar there is a gergeous park called Madhusudan Park. It is a public park that both tourists and locals love to visit to relax and engage in fun activities like sports and skating, among other things. The park boasts a beautiful, prominent location with playthings for youngsters like slides and fitness equipment. Nice walking routes and lighting. One of the best parks to spend time with friends and family in the evening.

Biju Patnaik Park/ Forest Park

Public open space and a lovely park may be found in Bhubaneswar at Biju Patnaik Park. Famous as a forest park. Covered with beautiful plants. There is a floating mountain there, as well as musical fountains, jogging trails, a kids’ play area, a rosarium, and rockeries. City dwellers have a great entryway in the park. The park serves as both a place for people to unwind and a tourist destination. Nature lovers can view a variety of natural ecosystems in Biju Patnaik Park. The park has no entrance cost.


IMFA Park, another one of Bhubaneswar’s lovely parks, is located in Sahid Nagar. With its well-kept, organised lawns, appropriate flower beds, benches, etc., the park is great for morning and evening strolls and features a special play area for children.

Gandhi Park

One of Bhubaneswar’s most well-known parks, Gandhi Park is located in Jaydev Vihar next to Janta Maidan. Right in the middle of this park you can find a Mahatma Gandhi statue. The lush green lawns are perfect for jogging, strolling, unwinding, playing, and having picnics during the day.

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