Tumbbad Movie Review – The Mystical Journey of ‘Tumbbad’ (2018)

Tumbbad Movie Review – The Mystical Journey of ‘Tumbbad’ (2018)

tumbbad movie review

Tumbbad Movie Review: Embark on a mesmerizing cinematic odyssey as we delve into the enigmatic world of ‘Tumbbad’ (2018) in this movie review. Prepare to be spellbound!

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Tumbbad Movie Review

Prepare to be captivated.


If you dive into this film without reading any reviews, avoiding trailers, and steering clear of spoilers, you’re in for an immersive experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Like a carefully crafted multi-course meal, it delivers a diverse array of elements, including adventure, horror, suspense, mythology, unexpected moral lessons, and thrilling moments, all expertly handled.

Every frame of the movie showcases the collective efforts of its talented team. It’s not just about the acting, directing, music, or cinematography; the final impact is a testament to the contributions of every individual involved.

The visuals are lush and tastefully understated.

The acting is precise, nuanced, and engrossing, with standout performances in nearly every scene.

For those who appreciate rain-soaked settings, lush greenery, historic architecture, and characters that authentically fit their era and location, this movie will likely become one of your favorites.

With its compelling story, exceptional acting, and well-executed elements, this film has the potential to surpass some of your existing favorites within its respective genres.

It can confidently stand shoulder-to-shoulder with global cinematic greats.

This is a movie that will linger in your thoughts if you’re a true cinephile.

In a poignant scene, Vinayakrao’s wife confronts their maid (revealed to be his mistress) with tears in her eyes, while dragging her out of the house. Vinayakrao, holding their son, simply smiles faintly and asks, “What happened?” even though he’s fully aware of the situation. His wife accuses, “She stole my necklace. She has to leave the house.” In this small but finely crafted scene, we witness shame (from the wife), shamelessness (from the husband), jealousy (from the wife), fear (from the mistress), and care (for his child), all unfolding simultaneously. The lighting is impeccable, striking a perfect balance—not too dim, despite the ongoing rain outside.

The attention to detail is remarkable. Male characters in the film don white dhotis, and you can appreciate the meticulous selection of fabric, color, and draping in each scene. It blends seamlessly into their lives, avoiding the overly conspicuous look of intentionally aged or worn clothing. It may seem minor, but to me, it was a testament to the level of craftsmanship.

The last 30–20 minutes of the film are a whirlwind of events, leaving you in awe. The music, acting, and writing in the climax are nothing short of outstanding. A 4–5 minute scene featuring a father scolding his son for a mistake, followed by the child persuading him with a clever treasure-seeking trick, is a splendid piece of art!

The casting is spot on. None of the actors are overly glamorous, maintaining a relatable quality. Their physicality suits their characters, and the makeup and overall appearance are nearly flawless.

Trust me, the buzz surrounding this movie is not an exaggeration. If you have the time and the slightest interest, do yourself a favor and watch it.

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