Discovering the Beautiful Hill Stations of Odisha: A Peaceful Getaway
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Discovering the Beautiful Hill Stations of Odisha: A Peaceful Getaway

Hidden among the Eastern Ghats, Odisha’s hill stations offer a quiet escape from busy city life. These special places have green hills, cool weather, and a calm feeling that’s perfect for nature lovers and people who enjoy adventures. Let’s explore some of the lovely hill stations in Odisha.

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1. Daringbadi: Like Kashmir in Odisha

People call Daringbadi the “Kashmir of Odisha” because it’s so pretty. It’s surrounded by thick forests, coffee plants, and valleys that look amazing. The air is cool, and mornings are misty, making it different from other places. There’s a place called Belghar Sanctuary that has interesting animals and beautiful nature.

2. Simlipal: Nature’s King

Simlipal is a big forest and hill station together, and it’s even a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The forests, hills, and waterfalls here are really special. Many plants and animals live here, like the strong Royal Bengal Tiger. There are paths to walk, rivers to relax by, and villages to learn from.

3. Chandragiri: Peaceful and Special

Chandragiri is close to the Konark Sun Temple and is full of nature and history. There are old Buddhist places and homes for monks. The view from here is amazing, and it’s a great place to relax and think.

4. Tensa: Quiet and Pretty

Tensa is in a quiet part of Keonjhar. Not many people know about it, but it’s really beautiful. There are wide fields, thick forests, and clean rivers. The Sulaipat Dam and Dharanigadia Waterfall make it even more interesting.

5. Mahendragiri: For Adventure Lovers

Mahendragiri is for people who like excitement. You can see the sea and do things like climbing and flying in the air. There’s also a special temple on top of a hill.

6. Deomali: The Tallest Hill

Deomali is the tallest hill in Odisha and is in the Koraput area. It has hills all around, forests, and places where tribal people live. You can walk up to the top for amazing views.


Remember, each hill station is different and has something special. Whether you like being alone, doing new things, finding peace, or just taking a break, Odisha’s hill stations are waiting for you. Plan a visit and enjoy the beauty of nature in these calm places.

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